Purina® Farm to Flock® Protein Blend Hen Treats


Watch your ladies come running for Purina® Farm to Flock® Hen Treats, the fun and easy way to spoil them – but not their diet!

Protein Blend for Hens is a delightful mix of the whole-food goodies your girls love, like wheat, safflower, peas, papaya, pumpkin seeds, black soldier fly larvae, and our specially formulated high-protein nugget.

Spoil your hens, not their diet

Balanced recipe made with goodies like wheat, safflower, peas, papaya, pumpkin seeds and black soldier fly larvae

High protein treat

Specially formulated high protein nugget that provides an added nutritional boost to help keep birds strong; a great treat option especially during molt when birds need additional protein 

Sustainable protein source

Insect protein requires less land per pound of protein than other common protein sources

Delicious taste

Wholesome combination of scrumptious goodies

Brought to you by an American farmer owned company

That puts your ladies' health and happiness first

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