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Coastal Agricultural Supply Poultry Dewormer 5x

Coastal Agricultural Supply Poultry Dewormer 5x

Coastal Agricultural Supply


Supplement that can be used to protect against intestinal parasites. Each capsule is intended to treat one 4-7 lb bird. (Multiple capsules may be needed to treat a bird based on weight).


  • Threadworms
  • Roundworms
  • Cecal worms
  • Gapeworms
  • Tapeworms

Alternative ways of dosing: Contents of capsule can be applied to a piece of bread or a bird’s favorite treat. The capsules can also be hand-administered to the bird. Do not add the contents to water. Ingredients are not water soluble.

Suggested egg withdrawal times vary between a minimum of 7 days & a maximum of 17 days & suggested meat withdrawal times vary between 1 & 6 days depending on a number of factors that should be discussed with a poultry professional to determine what is right for your bird(s).

Always consult a poultry professional or veterinarian before using any anthelmintic supplement. This product is a G.I. supplement for poultry & has not been evaluated by the FDA.


Brand: RNA Supplements

Animal: Poultry

Flavors: Poultry

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