Western Wear for the Summer

Think summer is too hot to wear western fashion? Make a western look fit any season with a few simple additions to your wardrobe. Although guys might not be able to get away with wearing shorts and cowboy boots, and women might not want to wear a flannel button down shirt to the beach, western wear is very applicable to summertime and you can always add a western touch to anything you wear. Think about cowboys. They look tough in the summer, and they're just as stuck in hot temperatures. Now, think about looking that slick while you're out on a Friday night. Much better.

For ladies, there are a few easy steps that can be taken to have that western edge. The sundress and cowboy boot combination is the best way to pair a casual and sexy summer dress with that attitude that only cowboy boots can deliver. Chances are, you'll see a lot of women in sundresses and flip-flops or flats, but then there is the pair of feet armored in leather and demanding attention. Or, for a less conspicuously edgy look, try wearing your cowboy boots under a pair of boot cut jeans. The boots will appear to be heels, giving you some additional height, while the toe just peeks out from under your pants giving your legs a long, slender look.

For guys, western style should be incorporated into an existing casual style. Wearing square toe cowboy boots with distressed bootcut jeans, or black straight-leg jeans give two distinct styles; rugged and rodeo chic, respectively. Try pairing that with a dark dress shirt, loose at the collar next time you're planning a night out. Short sleeve pearl snap shirts add a great country style flare to any ensemble. Adding a simple fashion accessory such as a large western style belt buckle can give you an interesting conversation starter while turning you into an old-school stud. Only wear two western style articles of clothing or accessories at a time. If you wear too many, you may start getting challenges for revolver duels in front of the saloon. And you probably aren't prepared for that. However, if you're walking along the beach, it is not only fashionable, but functional to wear a cowboy hat to black out the sun and keep looking hot!