What Your Boots Say About You

There was a recent study published in the Journal of Research in Personality that found it was possible to closely guess someone’s age, income, gender by simply looking at their shoes. Most surprisingly, the study also revealed that levels of the shoe owner’s attachment anxiety could be accurately gauged by looking at their footwear. Well, shoes may suggest much about a person, but where boots are concerned, you don’t need a team of researchers --they speak quite clearly for themselves. They are solid. They are sturdy. They are serious. Below, we’ll do a little sole-searching into this subject:

Clearly, the quality of the boots can say a lot about the wearer. Good quality boots like Rocky™ tell people that you’re serious enough about what you do that you’re not afraid to make the investment for your feet. You get what you pay for, after all. Whether you’re working on the job-site, on the ranch, hunting, or even in the military, your boots will say that you mean business.

Are you out wearing a pair of Red Wing™ 8-inch Work Boots? They could be telling those around you that you’re ready for a day of hard work; perhaps that you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty. An interesting thing about work boots is also how you wear them: All laced up with your pant leg hanging down to the eyelets? You’re probably ready to get the job done. Unlaced, untied with the tongue flared out and the pant legs loosely tucked at the top? You’re probably not planning on doing too much. Maybe you’ve just stepped out to get your mail…

Wearing a pair of Dan Post™ Cowboy Certified leather boots says that you not only have an eye for quality, but for style as well. If they’re scuffed or dusty, you’re saying that you’re the real deal. You’ve put some miles in those boots. With all of the exotic skins and leathers that Dan Post™ boots are available in, your boots let those around you know that it’s not all about the work. However, a pair of Dan Post™ El Paso’s will make that clear.

Whether for the working man or the equestrian athlete, Ariat boots show that you are not afraid to embrace technology. Though they’re a relatively new company (founded in 1993), Ariat has made it their business to create the world’s most advanced and innovative footwear.

Unlike shoes, boots convey the impression that the wearer works or plays outdoors. They show others that you most likely love our natural world and that you certainly respect it. Seen a cowboy or a hiker in sneakers lately? Trust me, their boots say it all.